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The Gift of Disconnecting

It’s been a rough several months; hell, it’s been a rough several years. So, with the kids happily away at overnight camp and no husband or dog at home anymore to keep company or take care of, I settled on the… Continue Reading →

Some Personal News…

Yesterday, Jeff and I told our children that we are divorcing, after more than 17 years of marriage and 23 years of togetherness. We also told them that the impetus for the divorce is the fact that Jeff is gay…. Continue Reading →

Hell Yes, I’m With Her. Here’s Why.

Support your husband’s dreams and follow his lead, even if it takes you to a place — and a life — far from everything you’ve worked toward. Take his last name, so that people in your community view him with… Continue Reading →

How Blogging Has Changed Since 2008

Today marks eight years since I started blogging, which is pretty much a million years in internet time. Of course, much changes in a million years… Then: You started a free blog on Blogger and hit publish. Now: You pay for a… Continue Reading →

Scary Mommy 2.0

For the last seven years, my goal has been to make Scary Mommy a destination for parents seeking support, camaraderie, information, and, of course, a healthy dose of levity. I’ve strived to give the site an authentic and relatable voice,… Continue Reading →

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